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Communication 101:

A Crash Course in the Fundamental Elements of Employee Recognition

A successful recognition program can go a long way to boost employee engagement and positive organizational culture. But, before rolling out the red carpet with a high-tech platform and exciting rewards, you must first focus on setting the foundation for success with a clear communication strategy.

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Sodexo champions recognition by putting employees first. As a global leader focused on improving Quality of Life, we study today’s organizational challenges and deliver best-in-class solutions that increase engagement.

Sodexo’s distinct dimensions of Quality of Life are applied in each aspect of our recognition strategy. As a result, our approach to recognition – and the array of communications that encompass recognition – are what set us apart from the competition. We leverage proprietary research and market trends to develop best practices and philosophies that lead the industry in the areas of engagement, recognition, wellness, safety, and other areas that impact the wellbeing of our clients, their employees and the consumers that they serve.

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Recognition Thought Leadership

Recognition Leadership for Download

  • The Path to Frontline Employee Engagement

    As the face of the company, frontline employees play a critical role in your success. Inside, learn the three ways to help improve communications with the people who have the most interaction with your customers and clients.

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  • Communications 101

    A Crash Course in the Fundamental Elements of Employee Recognition
    Effective communication is a necessary component of any organizational change initiative and the implementation of employee programs is no different. At the fundamental level, recognition program communications should serve three purposes: awareness, instruction, and engagement.

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  • Timeless Performance White Paper

    Explore how the generational behavioral trait analytics of your workforce can increase productivity through recognition and engagement.

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  • Employee-Engagement

    Organizations with an engaged workforce are much more agile in various economies than companies without recognition in place. Today, companies must go beyond identifying engagement scores and capitalize on their true strengths, high potential employees.

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  • Motivate Gen Y

    Generation Y is steadily filtering into the workplace and becoming the heart of a company. Knowing and understanding their characteristics can help develop them into the leaders of the future. Learn more about how to engage and motivation the millennial generation.

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  • Leadership Framework For Strategic Management of Recognition and Reward Programs

    New strategic management of recognition modeling for leaders based on the science of engagement. Inside, learn more about the three primary components: foundations, operational pillars, and performance.

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  • Improving Patient Quality of Care

    Hospitals that expect, support, and reward patient care over other competing demands have employees who demonstrate greater work satisfaction, organizational commitment, motivation, productivity, and engagement, as well as decreased absenteeism and turnover.

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  • Gamification

    A gamified application must offer a worthwhile experience that appeals to users as well as provide measurable results. Inside, learn more about demonstrating company values to motivate and recognize employees in the workplace and how to operationalize for business financial gains.

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  • Why VOI Is the New ROI

    Harder-to-quantify resources such as engagement and collaboration are the key to creating a competitive advantage. Take an in-depth look at the impact of recognition programs by using a more comprehensive Value-on-Investment (VOI) model, which emphasizes qualitative and quantitative impact on performance.

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  • Valuing People

    Chaired by Sodexo and ESSEC, this white paper explores the sociological and psychological perspective to achieving a better Quality of Life for employees. Based on theories and practices related to motivation at work, find within an original model of the universal drivers of motivation, as well as the correlation between motivation and organizational success.

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  • Gender in Recognitions

    Are there differences in employee recognition based on gender? Unlock the mystery in this infographic.

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  • Recognizing and Rewarding Hospital Employees

    Proprietary research demonstrates why engagement is a challenge in the medical field and how organizations can achieve engagement to increase patient satisfaction.

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  • Workplace Safety

    Creating a positive safety climate through recognition and rewards programs solution to reduce workplace injury, illness, and fatalities. Inside, find the ‘how-to’ steps that every safety program should include to be successful.

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  • Infographic: Rewarding Traditionalists

    Traditionalists are hard-working, appreciate organizational loyalty and feel seniority is important to advance one’s career. Is your recognition strategy reaching this practical-minded cohort?

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  • Infographic: Recognizing Baby Boomers at Work

    Today, this cohort constitutes about one-third (31%) of the workforce—are you motivating the members of this generation?

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  • Infographic: Engaging Gen X

    Gen X is independent, adaptable, tech-literate, creative and willing to challenge the status quo.

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  • Infographic: Motivating Gen Y

    There is a generational shift occurring in today’s workforce.As Baby Boomers retire, Generation Y is standing by to take the reins. How can employers keep them motivated and engaged?

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Sodexo leverages our experience and expertise to develop a recognition strategy that attracts top talent, increases employee retention, and creates an encouraging and motivated workplace. Our consultative approach, program management capabilities and superior service are focused on supporting the development of a culture of recognition that inspires long-term employee motivation and drives business excellence.

Six Strategies for an Effective Global Recognition and Rewards Program

“If organizations worldwide could find a way to double the number of engaged employees, it would dramatically improve their balance sheets and change the world’s enitre economic trajectory.” -Gallup


Our programs run on a sophisticated online platform that is specially designed to adapt to local, multi-country and global challenges.


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Benefits & Rewards Services

blue-mundi-v2At Sodexo, we provide innovative service solutions to more than 33,300 client sites in 80 countries across the globe and serve more than 75 million consumers daily. Our Benefits and Rewards division provides recognition services to more than 420,000 clients through specialized teams located in 35 countries and 4 Centers of Excellence.

Sodexo’s services enhance the Quality of Life for your employees and business. Our solutions are focused on developing a culture that fosters long-term employee engagement.

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services offers companies a range of motivation solutions and helps clients design their motivation strategy, develop tailored management tools and manage employee programs that work.